Heart Bookmarks

Have a wee look at the new site Ive been working on and let me know what you think! Its called Heart Bookmarks.


My Business Cards



Above is my contribution to the Woman vs Mousctahe Exhibition.

Woman vs Moustache Exhibition

Woman vs Moustache was an Exhibiton I was lucky to be part of that was curated by a friend of mine named Hazel Davies.

The exhibition was held at Cross st studios and featured artists such as: Amy Blinkhorne, Amy Shaw, Becky Martin, Candy Cho, Elena Wenn, Eva Kozub, Faaiza Munif, Grace O’Reilly, Marissa Ramlu, Scizzorface, Sarah Eising, Sarah Hunter, and Vivienne Long.

The exhibition questioned role of females and males in society and featured stick on Moustaches attached to the programme list.


Bookmarks Magazine

Bookmarks magazine aims to uncover emerging artist and designers from across the globe.The process of bookmarking is a key feature of the magazine and its an on going journey in the dicsovery of new talent.

Bookmarks magzine interviews people so they can tell you their stories, struggles and dreams to help inspire the readers to eventually make the magazine about the readers.

Dialogue between the magazine and reader is an important feature of Bookmarks magazine and its what sets us apart from the rest.

Dare, Dream, Design - Voice of Unitec Designers

Concertina postcard publication aimed to inspire possible design student coming into Unitec.

The Junction

A designers guide to places to print, inspirational research, typefaces and anything else useful.